Revealed: 4 Best E-Commerce Platforms in Singapore

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Revealed: 4 Best E-Commerce Platforms in Singapore

Online business is gaining popularity in the past few years. Almost every entrepreneur is starting this business to increase revenue. Thus, you need to be ahead of your competitors and sell more products. Although there are errors that occur when running your business, some e-commerce platforms in Singapore will help you to reduce them. You will not manually perform the tasks. Because human is prone to mistakes, these platforms will automatically manage your business and minimize losses. Here are the platforms:


Shopify is among the leading e-commerce platforms that will enable you to create a professional online store without any design skills. The ready-made templates will allow you to draft a unique store quickly. The good thing about Shopify is the variety of customizable themes it contains. With this, you will build a unique store. You will have complete control over the look and feel of the theme. Also, the themes are fully responsive to allow you go mobile. Because millions of online users are using the mobile device, they will navigate easily through your website.


This e-commerce platform is similar to Shopify. It has excellent store management capabilities. It will automatically manage your orders and inventories. With this, you will reduce errors in your business. Also, it provides a vast number of tools and features that will enhance the customers’ experience. It has the promotions feature to allow you to send coupon codes to customers via email. Also, you can offer discounted products to enable customers to save money.

BigCommerce stands out to be a leading platform because of its integration with Amazon, eBay, and social networks. With this, you can sell across various sales channels and increase profit.


Wix is another simple to use and quick to the set-up e-commerce platform. It does not require coding. It has a user-friendly editor to allow you to drag content to anyplace on your website. Wix has over 500 templates for you to choose from. With this, you will create a unique site. The greatest strength of Wix is the fully-featured Shopping cart. It will allow customers to make purchases quickly.


Are you looking for an e-commerce platform that will provide security on your online store? If yes, you need to give Volusion a priority. It is cloud-based to allow you to store your business information on the cloud safely. Also, being a hosted platform, it will host your store on a great server to prevent hackers from destroying it. Volusion will provide various methods of payment. With this, customers can use secure methods and avoid losses.

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